Printerfield IR40T IR-40T (6 Pack) Compatible Calculator Printer Ribbons Ink Roller - Black & Red

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. Using advanced ink and printing and dyeing technology, to provide you with consistent, clear, and excellent printing without fading.

. Compatible with Sharp EL-1750V and EL-1801V calculator

. 6 Pack ink rollers, individually sealed blister packs

. Black/Red 2 Color Ink Roller

. Compatibility and reliability for most printing calculators that use ribbon spools, such as Canon, Sharp, Epson...


Please carefully store and do not use the ink roller in direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, dusty or wet conditions.

Compatible with Canon: CP13/ MP-12D/ MP-120DH/ MP-120DL/MP-120DLE/P120DH/P121DH/P15D/P160DH/P2DH/P200DH/P200DHII/P200DHIII/P22D/P22DX/P220DH/P23DE/P23DH/P23DHII/P23DHIII/P23DHV/P23DHVG/
Compatible with Casio:1215S/FR1110/FR120C/FR125/FR125/FR2215/FR2215S/FR2600/FR2650/FR2650A/FR2650Plus/FR 320/FR 50/FR 520/HR 100 LC/HR100T/ HR100TE/HR100TE Plus/HR100TM/HR100TM Plus/HR110S/HR120T/HR150LC/HR 150LC Plus/HR150 LCS/HR150TE/HR150TE Plus/HR150TM/HR150 TM Plus/HR160L/HR170L/HR170LB/HR 18
Compatible with Sharp: EL1614/EL 1620 S/EL 1626/EL 1626 H/EL 1750 P/EL 1750 P II/ EL1750 V/EL1801 P/EL 1801 P III/EL 1801 V/EL 2192/EL 2620/EL 2620 S/EL 2626/ EL 2626 H/EL 2628EL-1750V/EL-1801V
Compatible with Victor:1208-2/1210-2/1210-3A/1212/1212-2/1220-2/1220-3/1220-4/1225-2/1228/1228-2 /1230/1230-2/1230-3/1245
Compatible with Texas Instruments:5032 SVC/5035/5035 II/5045/5045 II/5045 SV
Compatible with Adler:4212/4212 PD/4212 PD Carat/4212 PD/R C 007
Compatible with Aurora:14 PD/87 PD/PR 190/
Compatible with Citizen:CX 110/CX115/CX 123/CX 215/CX 220/CX 55/CX 88
Compatible with Epson:M 31 T/ M 32 T
Compatible with Euroka:10 EX/IMP 0085
Compatible with Facit:2267/C250/C255/C260/C275
Compatible with Grundig Gd 2000
Compatible with Ibico :1202/1214/1215/1219/1222
Compatible with Marchant 125 PD
Compatible with MBO :1241 PD/1242 PD
Compatible with Monroe:12 PD/SB-1212/SB-612
Compatible with Niko: 1231 PD/1232
Compatible with Swintec : 301 DP/Teal 212 PD
Compatible with Texas Instruments: 5032 SVC/5035/5035 II/5045/5045 II/5045 II A/5045 SV
Compatible with Tricom : 1265 MPD/ Adler 4212 PD
Compatible with Unisonic: XL 1136/XL 1248/XL 1249/XL 1257/XL 1267
two-color ink roller print calculator
Can be used instead of CP13 / NR42

Package includes:
1 x IR-40T Ink ribbon (6 Pack)