6 Pack Printerfield Compatible Printer Ribbon for EPSON ERC 38 for EPSON ERC-30/34/38 Black/Red

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Model: EPSON ERC 38 & EPSON ERC 30/34/38

Ribbon Colors: Black & Red

Compatible with The Following Printer Models:

For Epson 21D/370/375/ERC30/ERC34/ERC38/

For Epson ERC38B/TM270/TM300/TM300A/TM300B/

For Epson TM300C/TM300D/TM370/TM375/TMU200/

For Epson TMU200A/TMU200B/TMU200D/TMU210/

For Epson TMU210A/TMU210AR/TMU210B/TMU210D/

For Epson TMU220A/TMU220B/TMU220D/TMU230/

For Epson TM-U288TMU300/TMU300A/TMU300B/

For Epson TMU300C/TMU300D/TMU325/TMU370/TMU375

For Samsung 270/275

Packaging:  6 Pack / Inner Box

                     20 Boxes / Carton

                     120 Pcs / Carton