Printerfield Compatible Label Tape Replacement for Casio AR-18YW Labeling Tape for Casio KL-120, KL-60, KL-100, KL750B, KL750, KL7200 Label Maker, Black on Yellow, 18mm

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Product description


-Features an "easy-peel" split backing for simple application, quick and easy for fast efficient labeling.

-Compatible labeling tape replacement for Casio AR-18YW measures 18mm x 8m.

-Compatible with Casio KL-60, KL-120, KL-60SR KL-HD1, KL-100, KL-750, KL-780, KL-1500, KL-2000, KL-P1000, CWL-300, KL-430, KL-820, KL-7000, KL-7200, KL-8000, KL-8100, KL-8200, KL-C500, KL-P30, KL-P40, KL-SA10, KL-T70, KL-7400, KL-G2, KL-M7, KL-V450, KL-V460, KL-E550, KL-E20, KL-G2TC.

-Tolerance - Strong adhesion, water resistant, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, temperature resistant and fade resistant. Perfect for organizing and labeling items around your home or workspace.

-This 8 meter roll of label tape is made from tough polyethylene laminate and has a strong adhesive backing. 

-Single Pack Label Tape Size: 18mm x 8m
-Label Color: Yellow
-Printed Text Color: Black
-Package QTY: One pack

Made by Third Party, NOT official item.

Package Includes:
1 x Replacement Label Tapes

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