Printerfield Compatible for Printer Ribbon for EPSON LQ800/LQ300 for Citizen 124/HQP40 for EPSON LQ800/LQ300 Black

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Model Number: EPSON LQ800/LQ300


Color: Black



For Citizen 124/HQP40

For Epson Actionwriter 3000/4000/5000

For Epson ERC19,FX-80,FX-850,FX-860/800,

For Epson JX-80,EX-800/LQ200/LQ300/LQ3004C/LQ400/

For Epson LQ500/LQ510/LQ550/LQ570/LQ800/LQ850/

For Epson LQ850+/LQ870/LQ-3000+II/LX-300/

For Epson LX-300 COLOR/LX-300 4C/LX-300+/LX-300+II/

For Epson LX-800/860,LX-810/850

For Jolimark LQ-300KⅡ/LQ300KIII/350K/380K/360K/DP320

For Nixdorf ND48/ND75/ND92/ND94

For Olympia NP70-24/NP80-24/NP80-24e

For Shinwa EL2410        

Packaging: 1 Pack / Inner Box

                     100 pcs / Carton


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